About Us

Olympic Realty & Development Corporation is a “Ground Up” developer, owner, and operator of high quality retail shopping centers. Ground up means that we develop and construct new shopping centers on raw (undeveloped) land or demolish existing structures to make way for the construction of a new shopping center. With over thirty years in the retail development business we have developed new retail space throughout the northeastern U.S. Our centers range in size from 100,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet. All of our centers are anchored by the most successful nationally recognized retailers in the United States. We invite you to browse through our development portfolio to see the quality of our projects and communities in which we have built our centers.

Our development philosophy is to create a high quality retail shopping center that is tailor made to fit the community in which it serves, providing superior goods and services in an attractive, convenient, easily accessible, safe environment to serve our retail customers. Since each center is inherently unique, our projects come together by listening and learning about the communities in which we serve. The right location with the right retail tenant mix is crucial to our project success.

Our mission statement is an extension of our Company philosophy noted above:

  1. Create the best retail center in the best location to serve our retailers and customers.
  2. Respect the needs of each and every community to provide them the type of center that is appropriate.
  3. Deliver the quality and type of center that is promised.
  4. Maintain each center with the highest standard of care.

We take a great deal of pride in our work, and in “doing what we say we will do”. We realize that everyone needs to “win”; our communities, our retailers, and our customers to enable us to accomplish our goals. Although our centers are built with bricks and mortar we never lose sight that our mission is to serve the people in the communities in which we build.

As you review the information on our website we welcome your comments, and ask that you feel free to contact us.

David J. Schwartz