From The Archives: Carlisle Center Groundbreaking

Central Pennsylvania has provided New York City developer David Schwartz with unique environmental challenges.

Schwartz was in Carlisle Tuesday to break ground on a Home Depot store proposed in Carlisle just 300 feet from the sensitive LeTort Spring Run.

“We never quit no matter how difficult it gets,” Schwartz said Tuesday when asked why he stayed with the Carlisle project.

Olympic Realty and Development Corp., also built a Home Depot store that opened in 1997 at a polluted former industrial site on Carlisle Pike in Hampden Township. In all, Olympic has built four retail projects in Central Pennsylvania.

He said most large projects are far from easy to build because government regulation is becoming stricter and “I think more people are getting involved in their communities in terms of what projects they’d like to see in their neighborhoods.”

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Carlisle Center Groundbreaking